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What is Sledgehammer?

Operation Sledgehammer translated into Turkish is Balyoz Harekâtı, which was the name of a 2003 attempted military coup d'etat in Turkey. It’s also the name of a recent Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack that targeted organizations with political affiliations that the attacker deems out of  line with Turkey’s current government. These organizations include the German Christian Democratic Party (CDU), The People’s Democratic Party of Turkey, the Armenian... Read More

The Horse Pill rootkit was presented at Black Hat 2016 by Michael Leibowitz, a security engineer and member of the Red Team at Intel. Horse Pill is a proof-of-concept Linux rootkit that demonstrates two interesting techniques: 1. infecting systems via the initial ramdisk, and 2. deceiving system owners using container primitives. In this article we explore those techniques and how our product, Forcepoint Threat Protection for Linux, fares against them.

Initrd Infection

The initial... Read More

Back in 2012, we saw the first malware abuse to cloud-storage services in the form of an information-stealing trojan. The trojan collected Microsoft Word and Excel files from affected PCs, archived them, and then uploaded the archive to the file hosting website, SendSpace, so that it can be later accessed by the cybercriminals behind it. Fast forward to today, and the same abuse has become a de facto standard for many cybercriminals, perhaps primarily for spreading malware. Free... Read More

The early years were tough years for the Plymouth colonists. To celebrate the success of their first harvest, they invited their neighbors, the Wampanoag tribe, to share in an autumn harvest feast in gratitude for their early help providing food to the colonists during the first winter when supplies were insufficient. The first Thanksgiving was meant to commemorate the collaboration between the two groups and to share in their collective bounty.

In much the same way, 2016 has been a... Read More

Ed Hammersla, Forcepoint’s Chief Strategy Officer and Federal Division President, participated in the day’s first panel discussion at the Northern Virginia Technology Council’s (NVTC) Capital Cybersecurity Summit, November 3 in McLean, Virginia.

Titled “Collaborating for Cyber Success,” Ed’s panel focused on the unique centers of U.S. government and private sector cybersecurity innovation in the Washington, D.C. area and what experts and innovators in both sectors could learn from... Read More

Join Forcepoint at the Annual Military Communications and Information Systems (MilCIS) Conference 8-10 November 2016 at the National Convention Centre, Canberra, Australia.

Mr Steve Stratton, Forcepoint’s Senior Director Government Product Management, will conduct a Product Brief session on Day 3, Thursday 10 November 2016 at 11.00am. Refer to the latest program for up-to-date session details.

This is session, “Streamline User, Data, and Network Defence in a Multi-... Read More

At the 2016 CyberMaryland Conference, Forcepoints’ Ed Hammersla introduced the provocative topic of risks and impact to the federal government as we are headed towards a mass influx of millennials and exodus of boomers in the government workforce. His panel entitled Millennial Rising - Do Cracks in the Government’s Generation Dam Signal a Cybersecurity Tsunami, was the result of a Forcepoint commissioned study to specifically identify millennial patterns and behaviors as they relate to the... Read More

With National Cyber Security Awareness Month coming to a close, it’s a good time to look ahead to the future. At Forcepoint™, we firmly believe that the future is now, with network segmentation leading the way.

Simply stated, network segmentation is described as the act of physically separating computer networks, so that each network is visible only to users who have the appropriate access rights and is not visible to unauthorized users. In stark contrast to their... Read More

As a member of the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology (ICIT), Stacey Winn, ICIT Fellow for Forcepoint, along with other ICIT Fellows and industry leaders had the opportunity to provide thought leadership expertise to a panel discussion on the importance of Cyber Hygiene. The discussion, “Federal and Private Sector Cybersecurity” was recorded by C-SPAN and can be viewed here.

The panel discussed several topics where basic cyber hygiene is critical to the protection of... Read More

Last month, Yahoo announced that hackers had stolen personal information linked to at least 500 million user accounts. The compromised information included login names, hashed passwords, email addresses, phone numbers and birth dates, along with secret security questions and answers. The breach originally occurred sometime in 2014, but the company did not disclose until the September 2016 announcement. Given that Verizon is currently in the process of acquiring Yahoo for $4.83... Read More