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Austin, Texas, August 23, 2016 – Global cybersecurity leader Forcepoint™, in partnership with the Ponemon Institute, a leading IT security research organization, today released the results of its “Insecurity of Privileged Users” study, comparing data sets from 2011 and 2014 with present day. Although insider leaks and attacks continue to multiply, this study found that 58 percent of IT operations and security managers believe their organizations are unnecessarily granting access to... Read More

Last Wednesday began the start of Black Hat 2016 and with it multiple discussions on the many security and privacy issues that affect the information security community, none more prevalent than the insider threat.

On the first day of Black Hat, Forcepoint Chief Technology Officer Dr. Richard Ford examined the challenge of the insider threat. In a presentation entitled Inside Out – Viewing Everyone and Everything as Potential Insider Threats,  Dr. Ford noted that part of the... Read More

MONSOON is the name given to the Forcepoint Security Labs™ investigation into an ongoing espionage campaign that the Special Investigations team have been tracking and analysing since May 2016. We have released our technical analysis in the form of a whitepaper. A download link is provided below.

Monsoon Targets Specific Victims

The overarching campaign appears to target both Chinese nationals within different industries and government agencies in Southern Asia. It appears to... Read More

As Black Hat came to end, we sat down with Forcepoint Principal Security Analyst Carl Leonard to get his impressions on what’s caught the attention of attendees as well as his own.

What have attendees shown interest at this year’s Black Hat versus last year’s event?

This year we’ve seen a lot of interest in cross-domain solutions (CDS) for the commercial sector, particularly from industries – finance and healthcare – that have been a primary target of threat actors.  CDS has... Read More

On Tuesday Black Hat hosted the Black Hat CISO Summit where executives discussed how security technologies and processes can better align to the rapid pace of business. That evening, Forcepoint’s hosted its CISO panel and dinner, continuing these important conversations.

We spoke to Steven Fox, a senior cyber security officer with a large federal agency, to get his take on the CISO Summit.  In our discussion, he mentioned three major areas that received attention: the speed of cyber... Read More

An actor known for distributing the Kovter and Miuref (aka Boaxxe) malware families has been working on a Javascript-based Nemucod ransomware for several months. Recently the actor has begun dropping legitimate command line utilities like 7Zip and PHP onto infected systems to perform the encryption. The malicious use of these benign tools makes this an effective and tricky-to-detect threat. We have dubbed this ransomware "NELocker".

E-mail Lures

The actor distributes their malware... Read More

By Eric Stevens, ‎Director of Strategic Security Consulting Services, Forcepoint

Black Hat 2016 will kick off tomorrow with a schedule of briefings focusing on everything from network defense and malware, to data forensics and incident response. Along with these is one new to this year’s briefing categorizations, “human factors.” With the rise of the insider threat, particularly the accidental insider, the human factor has become a key consideration for all cyber security... Read More

AUSTIN, Texas and LAS VEGAS, Aug. 1, 2016 -- Global cybersecurity leader Forcepoint™ will exhibit, present and celebrate at Black Hat USA 2016, a major information security conference, through August 4 at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Black Hat USA 2016 attendees can experience live demonstrations of the company's latest products, meet with researchers from Forcepoint Security Labs™ and attend threat briefings at the Forcepoint in-booth theater at Booth #700 in the Black Hat USA 2016... Read More

AUSTIN, Texas and LAS VEGAS, Aug. 1, 2016 -- Global cybersecurity leader Forcepoint™ today introduced Direct Connect Endpoint technology for TRITON® AP-WEB Cloud, a new and better way to secure users' connections to the Web when outside their corporate network. Forcepoint Direct Connect solves a challenging problem faced by companies with a highly mobile workforce – how to provide roaming employees with secure, reliable and properly localized access to data when operating on public or third-... Read More

Last week we noticed that Sundown Exploit Kit (EK) was distributing a banking trojan. Upon further investigation we discovered that the banking trojan was a new version of Zeus Panda. This malware has previously been delivered by the Angler, Nuclear and Neutrino EKs.

Sundown EK Landing Page

The Sundown EK landing page obfuscation has undergone several evolutions recently, indicating that the developer is highly active. An example of the landing page from July 25, 2016 was as below... Read More