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HomeRSA Conference 2017: Day Two

RSA Conference 2017: Day Two

Panel moderator Dr. Richard Ford with panelists Nate Cardozo, Matt Heine, and Matt Bishop

Wednesday at RSA, Forcepoint CTO Dr. Richard Ford moderated the panel ‘Could US Anti-Hacking Laws Handicap Cybersecurity?’ Panelists included Senior Staff Attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation Nate Cardozo; Matt Bishop, professor with the department of computer science at the University of California, Davis; and Raytheon Principal Software Engineer and Deep Red team member Matt Heine. Panelists discussed anti-hacking laws and whether they handicap R&D and the practice of cybersecurity, debating questions such as who defines the policy when it comes to anti-hacking?

Meanwhile in the Forcepoint booth, our experts have been conducting demos on Forcepoint solutions including:

Steve Stratton, sr. director in Forcepoint’s Global Governments business unit, noted that many visitors to the Forcepoint booth showed interest in network segmentation. Flat network architectures create a single access point where once in an attacker has access to everything, including high-value. Network segmentation enables the physical separation to prevent lateral movement and keep the most critical systems and data out of reach.  While many organizations are only just beginning to examine the security benefits of network segmentation, Forcepoint has for years worked closely with the Intelligence Community (IC), and those managing critical infrastructures, to adopt it. This uniquely positions us to understand how best to physically separate networks and data without disrupting user productivity, a top concern of visitors seeking information on network segmentation at Forcepoint booth.

Today, Forcepoint CEO Matt Moynahan will be presenting a keynote at 4:00pm pacific time. Mark your calendars and watch it live here! You won’t want to miss it!