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We covered the basic concepts of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and coin mining in our previous blog.

As we discussed, after a few evolutionary steps via Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) mining algorithms returned to their roots: the ‘humble’ personal computer. The suitability of algorithms such as CryptoNight (which underlies the Monero currency) ultimately led to the porting of the source code to JavaScript and a departure from the more traditional approach of... Read More

We’ve spent some time recently sharing news about Forcepoint’s innovations in DLP, including the integration of DLP with CASB, tailoring our options to better meet a variety of customer needs and how we’re listening to our customers when they tell us that they need more than traditional DLP to deliver better data protection. 

Human-centric cybersecurity adapts protection for users and data by understanding the behavior and interactions between identities, systems and data. Since... Read More

Today, Forcepoint aims to change the cybersecurity paradigm via Risk-Adaptive Protection. The products within this framework are integrated to provide visibility and protection unsurpassed in the industry whether you are looking to protect your data, gain visibility into SaaS usage, or stop malware from entering your enterprise.

Traditional enterprise security programs have limited means for understanding their users and therefore tend to group users by role or department (i.e.,... Read More

A Human-Centric Approach to Risk Adaptive Protection

The current cybersecurity market is oversaturated with acronyms, cryptic lingo and noise.  Government agencies are asked every day to protect critical networks with limited resources and people while government funding instability brings challenges to establishing both short and long-term plans regarding technology initiatives. Effective and seamless security solutions have never been more important given the aforementioned and... Read More

This post is an updated and expanded version of our 2017 cryptocurrency primer.

When Bitcoin (BTC) first appeared in 2009, few people had a clear idea of what it was, let alone the waves it would generate both financially and technologically. The underlying blockchain technology was more or less a new concept, and like most new concepts was poorly understood in general.

In 2018, blockchain remains a hot topic: while it is tied in many people’s minds to cryptocurrencies... Read More

We’ll have a lot to share at this year’s RSA Conference – in the booth, in speaking sessions, and at networking opportunities throughout the week. Here’s a preview of all we have going on, and some opportunities to register for events. If you’re coming to RSA, we want to meet you!

In the Booth

Stop by Booth N3525 for hands-on demos and presentations from our experts on the company’s Risk-Adaptive Protection solution, Web Security incorporating CASB capabilities, human-... Read More

The 11th Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) was released yesterday to the usual fanfare that accompanies this collation of trends and insights. During the last decade the annual report has been viewed as a helpful benchmark of the state of the threat landscape. This year Verizon pulled data from 53,308 real-world security incidents including 2,216 confirmed data breaches to arrive at their analysis of risks with motives, causes and potential solutions offered too.

... Read More

Last week, in the wake of charges against Cambridge Analytica, as well as its collection of call and text histories on Android phones, Facebook announced changes in their privacy configurations and UI. These changes are designed to deliver more information and greater transparency to end users around management of their personal data.  As a result, many are now contemplating how companies in general utilize, mine or manage personal information. And as GDPR regulations take effect in the... Read More

Once again, we’ve seen more large data breaches in recent days – Under Armour’s MyFitnessPal app and website lost data of its 150 million account holders, and Hudson’s Bay Company lost five million credit and debit card numbers from customers of Saks Fifth Avenue and Lord & Taylor. These hacks highlight continued focus of cybercriminals to target organizations who hold large quantities of data that can be... Read More

I have just returned from speaking at Cloud Security Expo 2018 in London, UK.  The two-day conference is co-located with four other conferences that cover use of the cloud, big data, IOT and data centres.  More than 200 vendors shared insights and case studies, educating attendees and peddling their wares.

As I walked around the frankly enormous hall of the ExCeL convention centre, the sense of desire and urgency to be ready for the looming GDPR enforcement date of May... Read More