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By Dan Velez, Director, Insider Threat Operations

This is the season for New Year’s resolutions. Of course, we all realize that some of these “promises” are easier to keep than others. But if experience has taught us anything, it’s that we meet with more success here when our goals are tangibly beneficial and realistically achievable: We know what positive outcomes we’ll derive. And getting there won’t overwhelm us to the point where... Read More

The holidays are the perfect time to reflect on this year’s experiences, successes and resolutions for the impending New Year. While self-analysis can sometimes be a grey area, how employees treat data is much more black and white. If there’s anything 2016 has taught us, it’s that treatment of important data is just as important as the security tools organizations have in place. This is backed up by data of course, most recently with... Read More

Forcepoint Named Best Network Security/Enterprise Firewall Winner in 8th Annual Government Security News Homeland Security Awards

Everyday federal agencies must counter and prevent a range of cyber threats designed to disrupt the most sensitive systems, data and applications on which they and our country’s critical missions depend. Forcepoint’s Stonesoft® Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) was designed to deliver the networking,... Read More

On the first day of Christmas, our sales guy gave to me: A network-crushing phishing scam exploit.

On the second day of Christmas, the finance department gave to me: Two ransomware shutdowns, and another phishing scam exploit.

On the third day of Christmas, the CEO gave to me: Three botnets spamming, two more ransomware shutdowns and yet another phishing scam exploit …

OK, you get the picture by now: If it’s the... Read More

The early years were tough years for the Plymouth colonists. To celebrate the success of their first harvest, they invited their neighbors, the Wampanoag tribe, to share in an autumn harvest feast in gratitude for their early help providing food to the colonists during the first winter when supplies were insufficient. The first Thanksgiving was meant to commemorate the collaboration between the two groups and to share in their collective... Read More

Ed Hammersla, Forcepoint’s Chief Strategy Officer and Federal Division President, participated in the day’s first panel discussion at the Northern Virginia Technology Council’s (NVTC) Capital Cybersecurity Summit, November 3 in McLean, Virginia.

Titled “Collaborating for Cyber Success,” Ed’s panel focused on the unique centers of U.S. government and private sector cybersecurity innovation in the Washington, D.C. area and what experts... Read More

Join Forcepoint at the Annual Military Communications and Information Systems (MilCIS) Conference 8-10 November 2016 at the National Convention Centre, Canberra, Australia.

Mr Steve Stratton, Forcepoint’s Senior Director Government Product Management, will conduct a Product Brief session on Day 3, Thursday 10 November 2016 at 11.00am. Refer to the latest program for up-to-date session details.

This is session, “... Read More

At the 2016 CyberMaryland Conference, Forcepoints’ Ed Hammersla introduced the provocative topic of risks and impact to the federal government as we are headed towards a mass influx of millennials and exodus of boomers in the government workforce. His panel entitled Millennial Rising - Do Cracks in the Government’s Generation Dam Signal a Cybersecurity Tsunami, was the result of a Forcepoint commissioned study to specifically identify... Read More

With National Cyber Security Awareness Month coming to a close, it’s a good time to look ahead to the future. At Forcepoint™, we firmly believe that the future is now, with network segmentation leading the way.

Simply stated, network segmentation is described as the act of physically separating computer networks, so that each network is visible only to users who have the appropriate access rights and is not visible to... Read More

As a member of the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology (ICIT), Stacey Winn, ICIT Fellow for Forcepoint, along with other ICIT Fellows and industry leaders had the opportunity to provide thought leadership expertise to a panel discussion on the importance of Cyber Hygiene. The discussion, “Federal and Private Sector Cybersecurity” was recorded by C-SPAN and can be viewed here.

The panel discussed several topics where... Read More