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Microsoft Security Advisory 4025685 [1] was released on Tuesday 13 June 2017 and quickly gathered a large amount of attention for fixing a significant number of SMB exploits in supported versions of Windows and for Microsoft's decision, once again, to provide patches for now-unsupported versions of their operating systems.

While Microsoft rate the SMB vulnerabilities as Important rather than Critical, it should be borne in mind that vulnerabilities within network services such as... Read More

Almost 2,500 years ago Leonidas and his force of roughly 7,000 Greek soldiers battled against Xerxes and his Persian army numbering in the hundreds of thousands. The Greeks held off the Persian army for seven days at a mountain pass named Thermopylae providing critical time for Athens to be evacuated and for Greece to prepare for a final confrontation with Xerxes. The story of Leonidas and his Spartan’s has served as the inspiration for countless books and movies, including the popular “300... Read More

You’ve heard by now that Gartner has released the 2017 Magic Quadrant for Secure Web Gateways (SWG).  Reports like these can provide guidance to organizations looking to get educated on a technology market, and industry analysts like Gartner are in a unique position to provide their perspective. However, because of their different vantage points, vendors and analysts don’t always share the exact same views on a given market.

As pioneers in cloud security with a track record of... Read More

At around 09:00 BST yesterday, Forcepoint Security Labs™ observed a significant malicious email campaign from the Necurs botnet. Necurs is a prevalent botnet that is known to spread Locky ransomware, pump-and-dump stock scams, and more recently the Jaff ransomware.

This time, however, Necurs has been observed spreading the Trickbot banking Trojan for the first time. The malicious email campaign ended at around 18:00 yesterday and nearly 9.6M related emails were captured and stopped... Read More

I’ve been doing cybersecurity for the past 20 years. In the beginning of my career, I was on the offensive side doing penetration testing, but then I became more interested in defensive work (although #shell in the test lab still makes me grin). During the past 15 years, I’ve been running security research operations and have been privileged to work with a lot of super-smart people.

To be successful in security research requires passion – living and breathing it 24x7. That’s... Read More

Human-centric approach key to protecting employees, critical business data and IP

Forcepoint India Solution Day, an annual multicity conference on IT security was held earlier in the month in India, in three of its biggest cities – Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru. The event titled “Securing The Human Point”, was aimed at bringing in a change in the mindset of end-user organisations and IT partners to re-evaluate their security strategy for the coming years by understanding The Human Point.... Read More

In a world where attacker dwell times are measured in months, improving cybersecurity incident response time is critical to protecting enterprises. Breaches expand in scope and severity over time, so responders must act quickly yet carefully to identify and remediate threats to minimize the impact to the business. In “Alexsey’s TTPs (Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures)” incident responder Chris McNab shares his work in dealing with compromises of the computing infrastructure within large... Read More

Today, Forcepoint announced the availability of a host of new features to help businesses safely adopt cloud applications and provide human centric security to users everywhere they work. These updates can be downloaded now from the Forcepoint Support Portal.

Among the 15 features and updates we launched today, I’d like to highlight four in this post:

Forcepoint Web Security cloud application discovery and risk reporting Forcepoint CASB and Forcepoint Advanced Malware... Read More

A week on from the WannaCry outbreak, a huge number of articles have been written on the topic. These have covered everything from in-depth analyses of WannaCry itself to discussion pieces about the EternalBlue and DoublePulsar exploits and, latterly, warnings about other pieces of malware using the same propagation techniques as WannaCry.

Forcepoint™ customers are protected against the underlying EternalBlue exploit via NGFW at the following stages of attack:

Stage Four (... Read More

Please note: this post is not related to the global WannaCry outbreak on Friday 12 May 2017. For ongoing up dates on WannaCry, please see our blog post at

Forcepoint Security Labs™ have observed today a major malicious email campaign from the Necurs botnet spreading a new ransomware which appears to call itself 'Jaff', peaking within our telemetry at nearly 5m emails per hour. 

... Read More