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Click here for part one of this series: ‘Security, Performance, Obfuscation & Compression’.

Since its introduction the majority of malware authors have shunned .NET as a development platform, despite its relative popularity as a platform for developing legitimate Windows software. There are numerous potential reasons for this, but two in particular that likely have a significant influence on malware authors are .NET code’s reliance on external libraries (few people are likely to... Read More

Recently, Forcepoint Security Labs have encountered a strain of scam emails that attempts to extort money out of users from Australia and France, among other countries. Cyber-extortion is a prevalent cybercrime tactic today wherein digital assets of users and organizations are held hostage in order to extract money out of the victims. Largely, this takes in the form of ransomware although data exposure threats - i.e. blackmail - continue to become popular among cyber crooks.

In light... Read More

Recently I had the opportunity to address the FFIEC 2017 in Alexandria, Virginia regarding Forcepoint’s view on technology and the cybersecurity landscape. This got me thinking about one of the most difficult-to-navigate sectors when it comes to securing critical data and IP: financial services.

Security has never been more important than it is today, and at the same time, the needs are not being met by current approaches. Breaches have risen in scale and proliferation, costing... Read More

Historically, the majority of traditional AV solutions have relied on static signatures to identify known malware. As a result, malware authors naturally started employing a range of tools to obfuscate the underlying code of their software in order to avoid such signature based detection and to hinder (human) static analysis.

These obfuscation tools have proliferated over the past years, with numerous commercial offerings available as even legitimate software authors look to at least... Read More

Read on for a sneak peek into some of the Insider Threats insights I will be sharing at DoDIIS today as part of the “Industry Perspective on Cyber Espionage and Insider Threat” panel.

Insider threat is both a very old concept and a new one. The cyclical nature of technology concepts is constant, with only the players and methods changing. However, the instruments of data movement are getting smaller. In the past a person had to literally carry reams of paper out of the building to... Read More

To highlight this year's DoDIIS conference theme of “Dominating Cyberspace Against Persistent Threats,” Forcepoint will showcase how agencies can confidently and securely execute their missions in a zero perimeter world – a world that is moving to one without network boundaries – by ensuring the security of critical data as it moves to the cloud and spreads across an array of systems and devices.

Forcepoint’s portfolio of intelligent systems provide the means to understand... Read More

Forcepoint is pleased to announce the company’s appliance-based security solutions including Forcepoint Web Security, Forcepoint Email Security, Forcepoint DLP, Forcepoint DLP Endpoint and the V10000 Appliance have all received a Common Criteria (CC) certification.  

So, what is Common Criteria?

Common Criteria (CC) is an international set of guidelines and specifications developed for evaluating information security products, specifically to ensure they meet an agreed-upon... Read More

July in Las Vegas isn’t the best time to be outside, but it is a good time to hear about the latest offensive and defensive moves in the security industry. So once again, we headed into the desert for Black Hat 2017 where Opi spent time in sessions and then joined Jim presenting in Forcepoint’s exhibit booth. One of the big trends that Opi noticed was the move towards security fabrics, with more emphasis on holistic solutions rather than point products. We think this will be crucial; it’s... Read More

It is hard to believe, but SXSW 2018 will be taking over our home town in a few short months. This year we decided to throw our hat in the ring for a chance to lead some discussions during this highly anticipated event. When we put together our submissions, we thought it was critical to address cybersecurity from a consumer/culture perspective, the impact it has in preventing workplace violence and the implications of predictive analytics/monitoring on privacy. It’s more important... Read More

The annual Black Hat USA conference last month was exactly what one would predict from a mashup of the world’s top hackers, security vendors, and Las Vegas: a vortex of lights, sounds, content, and cocktails, with a healthy dose of tall tales thrown in (“I once hacked a box THIS BIG…”). While grueling, the event is also a worthwhile and fun trip.

Aside from the stream of media and analyst meetings I had there, I was at the conference to present around the tricky problem of ‘pre-crime... Read More