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Blue Coat, Websense, and the Future of Your Security

Recently, Blue Coat announced the end of support for Websense in the next version of ProxySG (v6.3) and noted that affected customers using Websense need to migrate to Blue Coat WebFilter.

NEW RESEARCH: Social Media and Social Threats, Hand in Hand

I've been meeting with a lot of customers recently, and two things that keep coming up are concerns about advanced targeted attacks and how to deal with the threats that social media bring into an organization.

Websense Security Labs at Black Hat - a Preview

In this week's Websense Security Labs video, researchers Stephan Chenette and Armin Beuscher discuss the open source security tools they have developed and will be sharing at Black Hat USA 2011. This Wednesday (1:45 p.m.

APTs Part 3: Know Your Enemy

MalwareIn the 

The Cybercrime ‘Five’ Part Three: eMugger

EmuggerWho : This is the largest group of cybercriminals.

The Next Hotbed of Cybercrime Activity is... Canada?!?

Cybercriminals are on the move again. And, this time, Canada is the prime target. IP addresses in China and Eastern Europe are highly scrutinized and undergoing intense evaluation. So hackers are on a quest to move their networks to countries, like Canada, that have better cyber reputations. 

Osama photos; Scam me once... but what happens next?

Since President Obama announced the events in Pakistan over the past weekend, Websense has been monitoring a large wave of