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Large Malvertising Campaign Leads to Angler EK & Bunitu Malware

Websense® Security Labs™ researchers have been monitoring a mass scale malvertising campaign that leads to Angler Exploit Kit.

Turn $1 into $100 right away…..Your personal files are encrypted!

Those are the five words that no one wants to see pop up on their screen. Websense® Security Labs™ researchers have identified an interesting tactic in the proliferation of Crypto ransomware.

Andromeda – An attack kill chain analysis

The Andromeda botnet, initially discovered in late 2011, is a highly modular platform for malicious activity. While it consists of key loggers, rootkits, anti-VM, anti-debugging and proxy features, it is mostly used as a method to establish a reliable backdoor to further deliver additional malware.

Angler Exploit Kit – Operating at the Cutting Edge

As we promised in one of our previous blog posts about exploit kits (Nuclear EK), we are going to take a more in-depth look at Angler Exploit Kit.

Flash forward – Angler, here we come

As mentioned in the post, “Happy Nucl(y)ear - Evolution of an Exploit Kit”, we were planning to discuss the Angler exploit kit in detail in an upcoming post.