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Raytheon|Websense® Diagnoses State of Healthcare IT Security

Whether reducing legal exposure or improving patient outcomes, there is a growing awareness in the healthcare industry for data systems to ensure privacy and security while providing reliability and functionality. The rapid digitization of the healthcare industry has led to a huge increase in the

Reducing the Risk of Un-managed Email Accounts

Recent events have exposed a risk that many organizations are not well versed in: the use of personal web or mobile email accounts on the corporate network. These email accounts are often used in the ordinary course of the day without proper attention to the risk.

Why Methodology Matters: Guidelines for Evaluating a Real-World Security Test

In the last year, we have seen security vendors and well-known testing labs go toe-to-toe in headlines, blogs and social media over the methodology used to produce final test results. Claims of flawed methodologies, out-of-date software, improperly configured devices, or solutions unable to access cloud intelligence have been made. This creates a climate of contention where little can be agreed upon, and even less progress is made toward a consensus on improving the reliability of results.

Tis the Season for…Financial Crime

Advances in internet technology have chnaged much about our day-to-day lives. We no longer need fumble with maps to get where we're going. Global Positioning System (GPS) technology allows us to connect to satellites for instant driving directions no matter our location. Forgot to turn off the lights and put down the garage door down before heading out? With a few tweaks and an app you can do both from your phone. But perhaps the greatest transformation realized in this age of connectivity is how we transmit money.

Websense Now a Member of Cloud Security Alliance’s Security, Trust and Assurance Registry (STAR) Registry

Websense is pleased to announce its inclusion on the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) STAR registry with its completion of the CSA STAR Self Assessment.

Time to Refresh: Overhauling Security Technology and Systems

The recent Websense/Ponemon Institute report gave a number of poignant insights into the minds of security professionals. Possibly most telling of all was the number stating that given the resources and opportunity, they would completely overhaul their security technologies.

Celebrity Photo Data Hack: Lessons for Businesses and Consumers

If you're a fan of Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst, Kate Upton and others, you may be aware that some of their sensitive personal photos were apparently leaked online over the weekend.

Time to Refresh? Communication Roadblocks are Barriers to Reducing the Risk of a Cyber Attack.

Continuing our analysis of "Roadblocks, Refresh & Raising the Human Security IQ", we now dig deeper into the apparent communication disconnect between executives and security teams.

Black Hat Takeaways, API Security Roundtable: Lessons Learned in API Security

At Black Hat, Zane Lackey (Signals Sciences, Internet Bug Bounty Program), lead a well-attended discussion about the need to be more thoughtful in our design and implementation of APIs.