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Reducing the Risk of Un-managed Email Accounts

Recent events have exposed a risk that many organizations are not well versed in: the use of personal web or mobile email accounts on the corporate network. These email accounts are often used in the ordinary course of the day without proper attention to the risk.

Cybercrime: The Next Big Target, Your Smartphone [VIDEO]

Leading analyst firm International Data Corporation (IDC) recently released a report showing two trends are increasing the risk of smartphone cyberattacks.

Avoiding Android's Malware Influx

Attackers setting their sights on Android users seem to have upped their game over the last few weeks. Reports have shown a flurry of new attacks and vulnerabilities that have turned that cute little green robot into a proverbial punching bag.

New iPhone 5 Influx? Top 5 Ways You Can Protect Your Company and Information

Today Apple announced the release of their new iPhone 5, setting off another frenzy of consumer acquisition and a corresponding influx of iPhones and other personal devices brought into the workplace - with employee expectations that they can connect these devices to the company network.

Heading to the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit?

Websense has a packed agenda at the conference, and we are inviting you to join us for some sessions we’ve put together just for this event.

Need to safely allow mobile devices? Tomorrow's webinar will teach you how

Personal mobile devices are flooding the workplace, and IT is still desperately searching for ways to secure them.