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Popular Site Leads To Angler EK & CVE-2015-8651 Flash Player Exploit

Forcepoint Security Labs™ identified this week that a well known transport company's website had been compromised.  We discovered that it was redirecting users to Angler Exploit Kit (EK).  Forcepoint informed the company who were quick to respond and address the issue. Users browsing to the site were exposed to malware being silently dropped onto their system and executed in the background. When we analyzed the infection we saw that users were being redirected to Angler EK which was then exploiting CVE-2015-8651, affecting Adobe Flash Player versions up to and

An Early Christmas Present Exploits CVE-2015-8446 and Drops CryptoWall 4.0

Today, we came across a website providing free Christmas graphics along with an early but unwanted Christmas present. The website christmas-graphics-plus[.]com is injected with malicious code that leads users on a virtual sleigh ride to Angler Exploit Kit (EK) and drops the new CryptoWall 4.0 ransomware. If you were to visit this grotto, then all of your documents would be encrypted and held to ransom - including your Christmas card address book. The real Nightmare Before Christmas.