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Smarter with CARTA

One of the things I enjoy about my role at Forcepoint is how it sometimes gives me the time and space to just lean back, listen, and think about how folks are experiencing the current security landscape.

What the Spartans Can Teach Us About Cybersecurity

Almost 2,500 years ago Leonidas and his force of roughly 7,000 Greek soldiers battled against Xerxes and his Persian army numbering in the hundreds of thousands.

Forcepoint India Solution Day

Human-centric approach key to protecting employees, critical business data and IP

RSA Conference 2017: Day One

As we begin the second full day at this year’s RSA conference, a look back at day one.

We spoke with Forcepoint’s Jim Fulton, senior director of product marketing and Dan Valez, director of insider threat operations to find out what’s on the minds of visitors to the Forcepoint booth.

How the “12 Days of Christmas” Create Headaches for Cybersecurity Teams

On the first day of Christmas, our sales guy gave to me: A network-crushing phishing scam exploit.

On the second day of Christmas, the finance department gave to me: Two ransomware shutdowns, and another phishing scam exploit.

Minding the gap in user activity monitoring

By Dan Velez, Senior Manager of Insider Threat Operations